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Sing your own little song

My foundation and most important thought:

When we're making art, we don't have to ask anything of anybody, or compete with anybody, or attempt or claim to be doing anything other than simply singing our own little song.

Some people will be excited or moved by our song, some will want to sing with us, some will merely find it interesting, some won't care for it, some won't listen to it, some won't like music at all, but there is enormous liberation when you let go of what you think others might think and release yourself to create and mess about and experiment and explore completely in your own ways.

In fact, paradoxically, genuinely singing your own song is very likely what will draw people to your work.

A really interesting thing has been happening: the more involved I've been in a work personally and emotionally, the more others seem to respond to it.

I made one painting which was taking me in a direction I wouldn't usually follow. By the time I finished my heart was pounding. I had no idea how anybody else would view it but it had really torn at my innards. A couple visited my pop-up Little Firefly Gallery over Christmas. We chatted and they left. Ten minutes later they came back and said they'd got as far as the carpark, then the husband said he couldn't live without that painting.

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Any time I feel shakey or intimidated, I am relieved to remember that all I have to do is sing my own little song.